Search our range of over 2000 RoHS and REACH compliant parts, containing solutions for a variety of industries such as cabinet manufacturing, machine building, power generators, HVAC and more. With over 250 new products, we've considerably expanded our range of IP65 and stainless steel parts, including Quarter Turn Compression Locks and Sliding Locks.

Access Hardware

Access Hardware Buyers Guide
A quick guide to Access Hardware

Helping you choose cam locks, hinges, latches, quarter turns and gasketing

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Access Hardware Designers Guide
Access Hardware - The Design Engineers Guide

No matter what you're designing, find the right, secure, solutions

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Essentra Components has a large selection of Access Hardware, helping you to provide secure access to critical machine components, electrical boxes, and other protected entry areas.

Hardware that you can find are latches and locks, door stays, drawer slides and hinges, panel fasteners and even inspection windows. We provide an extensive access hardware offering to fit machines, enclosures, HVAC, generators and specialist vehicles.

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