Tube Caps & Bar Caps
Essentra tube caps fit standard tube dimensions to provide an attractive finish and strengthen tube ends. We offer several styles of plastic tube caps including round, square, ball, and hanging.

Round end caps are offered in black LDPE or elastomeric polyethylene and come in standard sizes for light-duty applications. An integrated step lead permits fast positioning and quick assembly for an economical and attractive way of finishing the end of a rod or tube. The elastomer polyethylene parts have a thick rounded base for long wear and use on a wide range of leg angles.

Essentra heavy-duty round ball caps enhance leg design and accommodate a wide variety of leg angles. Ball caps may also be used as a decorative top or finish and the black LDPE material maintains an excellent press fit.[more][less]
Square heavy duty end caps are available in four different sizes to fit most popular sizes of square tubular steel. Our square end caps are made of black LDPE or ABS to provide stabilization and an attractive finish.

Flexible Vinyl Tube Caps

Vinyl tube caps provide a glossy attractive finish making them an ideal option for a decorative end cap. Essentra carries round vinyl end caps in white PVC designed to fit three standard tube dimensions. The PVC end caps can withstand temperatures up to 350°F (176°C).

Square vinyl end caps are available in black or white PVC and fit eleven popular sizes of square tubular steel. The material flexibility will stretch to fit normal tube diameter tolerance variations and the glossy finish gives a neat appearance to tube ends.

Finish hanging tubes with Essentra round vinyl hanger caps. These black PVC caps give an attractive finish to tube applications intended to suspend from a peg hook or fixture. The flexible material can stretch onto slightly larger diameters for a snug fit without tearing, splitting or shredding.

Angle Iron Caps & Bar Caps

Angle iron caps are an affordable answer to the problem of protecting floors from the sharp edges of angle iron furniture. Essentra angle iron caps come in four sizes of black LDPE to fit leg lengths from 1" to 1.29" and leg gauges of .125". Angle iron caps are suitable for use on metal bed frames and shelves and will not rust while eliminating the cost of welding steel closures.

Rectangular bar stock caps are manufactured with a rounded base and are ideal for capping the ends of bar steel. Essentra bar caps are manufactured in black polyethylene or natural nylon and are available in three different sizes.

More Options

To strengthen the end of a tube and prevent wear try Essentra ferrules. Ferrule caps are available in round, square, and high line domed ferrules that can be used in a variety of applications.

Essentra tube inserts are pushed into the ends of hollow tubes that are used to create furniture, shelves and racks. Our inserts protect the ends of the tubes, covering sharp edges and act as either an end cap or a load bearing foot. We offer several styles of tube inserts including low profile, rounded, felt based, steel based, angled and domed. Shop our extensive range of feet, casters, and glides online or request a free master catalog for full product details.

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