Tapered Caps & Plugs
Tapered caps and plugs featured a narrowing design for snug fit and easy removal. The tapered design allows the cap to cover multiple outside diameters or plug multiple inner diameters. Essentra offers several styles of tapered caps and plugs for your specific needs including general purpose, heavy duty, flanged, and high temperature.

Our numbered series is made of LDPE and is available in either red or blue. The snug fit protects against damage, dirt, moisture, and corrosion during storage and shipment. Our numbered series tapered caps and plugs are available in over 150 different sizes.

Essentra general purpose heavy duty caps and plugs include a rugged wall and seal rings for maximum thread protection. If you are looking for a similar style in soft yellow vinyl PVC use Essentra flanged caps and plugs. The standard flange cap and plug is used on pipe and tubing with internal NPT pipe threads. The straight-sided interior of the heavy duty flange cap and plug provides a firm grip on the tube's outside diameter.

Wide flange caps and plugs assure added protection on bearing surfaces. The wider flange keeps plug from being accidentally pushed down through the mating part while still having the tapered design to fit multiple diameters.

Essentra center pull tab plugs feature a design that allows for quick and easy removal. Made of orange LDPE the tapered design allows the plug, in 36 different sizes, to plug multiple inner diameters. If your application has an awkward location, our side pull tab plugs are designed with an integral side pull tab for easy removal.

Vinyl tapered PVC plugs withstand temperatures up to 350° and the material flexibility allows the plugs to fit into smaller dimensions creating a snug fit. The tapered design allows the part to plug multiple inner diameters.

Our plugs for NPT threads are specifically designed to plug NPT tapered threaded fittings while type L & M copper/aluminum tubing plugs are ideal for use in thin-walled type L and M copper or aluminum tubing. The plug features a center pull tab and internal lateral reinforcement ribs to protect the tubing's concentricity.

High Temperature Caps

For high temperature applications, try the Essentra tapered masking plugs. The natural silicone products withstand temperatures up to 600°F Durometer (Shore A) 55 ± 5 and the EPDM products withstand temperatures up to 425°F Durometer (Shore A) 50 ± 5. EPDM is an excellent option to reduce costs for applications that won't exceed 425°F.

Essentra offers silicone or EPDM hollow tapered masking plugs for use in threaded or unthreaded holes. The hollow core provides an economical solution for large diameter holes and aids compression for improved sealing. They are used for powder coating, e-coating, plating and anodizing applications.

Flangeless tapered plugs protect threaded or unthreaded holes without masking the surrounding area. The ergonomically-friendly pull tab allows for easy installation and removal, while our tapered flexible cone plugs are designed to plug multiple inner diameters or cap multiple outside diameters.

High temperature vinyl plugs fit multiple diameters and are made of soft yellow PVC vinyl that allows flexibility to form a snug fit and excellent chemical resistance and is an economical solution for one-time uses.

Paper caps and plugs are made of a blend of post-consumer and virgin materials. They do not promote condensation and have a temperature rating up to 400°F. Used in painting or powder coating applications. they are an economical solution compared to rubber and silicone.

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