Plastic Threaded Plugs


Plastic Threaded Plugs
Our extensive range of threaded protection plugs guard pipes, hoses, and hydraulic fittings from dirt, moisture, and damage to maintain equipment integrity. With unique patented features and quick-fit, screw on, or push on application, Essentra has the threaded plastic protection plug that is ideal for your project. We carry plugs to protect; SAE O-ring ports, hydraulic fittings, UNJ/UNJS threads, Metric threads, BSP threads, UNF threads, JIC threads, Unified Standard threads, NS & NF Class 1-2-3 threads, and NPT threads.

Protect vital flare fittings with Essentra 37 Degree JIC Flare Fitting Plugs. These threaded plugs are functionally equivalent to Spec: NAS-833, NAS-815 (MIL-C5501/1, MIL-C52078).Essentra 37deg JIC flared fitting plugs are made of red LDPE and used to seal light pressure requirements on 37-degree flared fittings without gaskets in fluid power applications. Our plugs are designed with a knurled head for easy installation and will seal with light finger tightening.

Essentra gas cylinder plugs protect the overfill prevention device valve threads during transportation and use. The red HDPE plug comes with a flat strap attachment tag printed with product instructions and warning. 7/8-14 left hand threads provide a tight fit to guard against damage and contaminants. Essentra gas cylinder plugs come 100 per pack, 1000 per bulk pack (case) with attached tag.

Metric and BSP threaded plugs are designed with short threads for fast assembly and removal. These plugs are made of yellow HDPE and are available for metric or BSP/GAS threads. Essentra slottex plugs are also available with a double sealing ring design on the underside of the flange to provide a positive seal.

Made of red LDPE our snap fit plugs cover a range of common thread sizes and styles. The snap fit design makes for a quick fitting alternative to a standard threaded plug. Once pushed into position a single turn gives a tight fit. The pull tab feature makes for easy application and removal when efficiency is critical.

Prevent leakage or entrance of contaminants with Essentra threaded O-ring plugs. All our threaded O-ring plugs create a watertight seal for superior leakage protection. Plastic threaded O-ring plugs are easily tightened by hand or with hand tools and come in a variety of materials to fit UNF Standard and NS/ NF Class 1-2-3 threads.

Essentra threaded sealing plugs are designed with a double sealing ring on the underside of the flange to create the positive seal. In addition, five complete threads ensure a secure fit. The hex head is a solid design to prevent trapping liquid and can be manually applied or removed with a screwdriver, spanner, socket, allen key, or with power tools. Made of yellow nylon these plugs absorb paint to keep flakes at a minimum while withstanding temperatures from -40°F to 320°F.

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