Caps, Plugs & Masking


Caps, Plugs & Masking
Our selection of protective caps and plugs serves many different applications and industries. Guard pipes against contaminants, protect vital components during shipment and storage, and mask threads during finishing processes with our range of protection products. Most Essentra standard caps and plugs are in stock, ready for same day shipping, and require no minimum quantity.

Protective Caps

Push fit caps are an efficient solution for protecting and masking components from dirt, moisture, and damage. Essentra carries a large selection of cost effective push fit caps suitable for many industries and applications. General purpose caps include; tapered caps, tube caps, pipe caps, high temperature masking caps, and specialty push fit caps designed for use in the hydraulics industry.

Essentra also supplies a large selection of plastic caps to protect threaded components. Our range includes caps to fit UNF, JIC, Metric, and BSP threads with an easy to grip head design for efficient installation and approval.

Protect vulnerable flange covers and valuable pipes from debris and moisture that can result in product impairment with our line of pipe and flange protection caps. Using Essentra pipe and flange protection products keeps vital components damage free during shipping and storage.

Plastic hydraulic caps protect hydraulic fittings and prevent dirt, moisture, corrosion and damage during processing. Banjo bolt caps feature a protective cap and retaining washer in a single unit that holds the assembly together during storage & shipping. O-ring face seal caps have an inner ring that fits directly over the O-ring face and a second outer ring that fits securely over the entire hydraulic connection.

Protective Plugs

Essentra plastic threaded plugs guard pipes, hoses, and hydraulic fittings from dirt, moisture, and damage to maintain equipment integrity. Essentra has an extensive range of protective plugs to fit a thread sizes including; UNF Standard, JIC, NS & NF Class 1-2-3, NPT, UNJ/UNJS, Metric, and BSP. We also supply plastic threaded plugs with specialty features like watertight seals, fewer thread forms for push on application, and optional O-rings for superior leakage protection.

Push fit plugs provide the advantages and aesthetic of a protective plug with the ease of a push in style. Push fit plugs are easily applied and removed to defend pipes, hoses, and fittings from contaminants during processing, shipment, and storage.

Plastic hydraulic plugs protect hydraulic fittings and prevent dirt, moisture, corrosion and damage during processing. Banjo union plugs have two plugs connected by a strap to loop around the union and hold it securely in place. Essentra hydraulic plugs fit banjo unions 10, 12 and 14.

Pipe & Flange Protection

Pipe protection plugs have excellent chemical resistance and fit multiple schedules of pipe. Ribbed pipe plugs are available in two different styles with flexible ribs for a snug fit. Butt weld plugs provide maximum protection for butt weld ends on valves, pumps, and heat exchangers. Socket weld fitting plugs are designed to provide maximum protection providing a secure, friction fit with the mating parts I.D.

Protect the vital raised or full face with Essentra flange protector plugs. These durable plugs have excellent chemical resistance making them ideal for use on petroleum, gas, and water type valve flanges. The tapered design of Essentra raised face flange protector plugs fits snugly into the pipe's interior to guard against dirt and moisture during shot and sandblasting operations.

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