Bearings & Power Transmission


Bearings & Power Transmission
Essentra Components has everything you need to transmit, control and convert motion in your industrial systems.

Mechanical devices that restrict motion to a linear or rotational direction, bearings reduce friction, improve efficiency and increase speed. We offer a large range of rotary and linear bearings as well as accessories that include bearing pullers, lubricants, rings & seals, bushings & inner rings.

V-belts are commonly used for drive belts on vehicles, agricultural equipment and machinery. We offer a range of v-belts, pulleys and tensioners. We keep them in-stock and ready to ship, reducing your equipment down time.

Shaft couplings are used to connect two components together, usually when transmitting power from one to the other. Shaft collars fix a rod into place, acting as a stop to prevent it from moving past a certain point.

We offer a variety of products that are used to prevent damage from a physical impact by absorbing the impact or easing motion, slowing it down to avoid abrupt jarring of equipment. We offer a range of air & gas springs, shock absorbers and rotary dampers.

We have a large variety of components for converting rotary motion into linear motion. We have gears and gear racks for rack and pinion systems, as well as a wide range of linear motion components that include linear actuators, rails, nuts and blocks.

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